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Publishing and Marketing Consultant for Authors

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Do you have a book you want to publish and don't know where or how to begin?

Since 2004, I’ve been providing consulting services to authors in the Sarasota, Florida Area. 
In October 2020, I formed Braden River Consulting LLC to answer all the questions new authors don't even know  enough to ask.
I enjoy helping authors learn how to self-publish their books and not be taken advantage of. I want authors to be independent and do as much as possible on their own to keep their costs down.


Have questions? - CONTACT ME

6109 55th Terrace East

Thanks for submitting!

Let's chat and see what I can do for you. I like our first meeting to be in person if possible so that I can get a sense of your needs and your goals.


If you have always wanted to write stories and see them in print, but had no idea how to actually make it happen,

If you attended self -publishing classes and completed the program, but were still in a quandary,

If you joined organizations, attended conferences, and critique groups, but that did not do the trick to get you self-published,

It is important to contact Brenda Spalding at her company, Braden river Consulting LLC, to help you complete your goal and more.  Ms. Spalding’s calm personality, helpful demeanor, competent direction, and ability to direct you to important contacts will set you on the right track.   I should have contacted her right from the start to set my interest in children’s literature in motion. 

Thank you, Brenda,

Ann Miranda

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